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Bespoke Commissions

Designed and built in 1/24th scale for a customer who has fond memories of time spent at this cottage in her youth.  Rose Castle Cottage was formerly owned by Beatrix Potter and is now a National Trust self-catering cottage.

In common with all our cottages, Rose Castle was designed to have  removable walls and floors as well as hidden wiring.  The pictures below show the model alongside some views of the actual cottage.

Down House

Down House was the home of Charles Darwin.  This 1/48th scale model was commissioned by a geological museum in Kent to provide a centre piece for their forthcoming display on Darwin.
The model was built as the house appeared while Darwin was in residence in the late 1870s.


Mouse House

This 1/24th scale fantasy house was designed and built by us for a client from The Netherlands.  The requirement was for a ‘Tudor-style’ look with Brambley Hedge elements that would be suitable for a family of mice.  Apart from this, we were allowed to give our imaginations free reign!

We also provided several items of custom-made furniture for this house.


The rear of the house.  Wiring for lights and fires are hidden behind the removable chimney stack.

We came up with the idea of a house built into a shattered oak tree to give it a rustic feel.

Is that an ‘M’ for Mouse in the timber frame?

The old tree was a handy place to hang a swing for the mice.

The interior showing how the oak tree reaches into the house and provides a half landing and stairs on the way up to the first floor

Just another quirky little detail - note how the doors mimic mouse ears!

Rose Castle Cottage, Cumbria





- The front of Down House -
The house is illuminated by lights on each floor.

- The back of Down House -
Darwin seems to have had a passion for decorative trellis work.

- Down House today -
The most notable difference between now and Darwin’s time is the amount of plant growth up the trellis work.

- The Verandah -
The tiles of Darwin’s verandah were copied and reproduced in the model.


Having lived with this project for the past few months, I now feel as though I know Down House intimately.  I can, for example, tell those with an interest is such matters that there are a total of 62 windows, 6 doors, and 7 chimneys topped by 24 chimney pots.

Harbourmaster’s House


This large and elaborate house is inspired by the Harbourmaster’s house in Aberaeron, Wales.  It was built in 20th scale for a lay out being built by a rail enthusiast.


Today, the harbourmaster’s is a hotel.  It was decided to paint it in its earlier colour scheme rather than the present eye-catching blue.

The rear of the house.  The top two-thirds of the rear wall is removable to enable access into the bedrooms at the back.

The interior, showing lights, fires and staircase.

The house from the front right corner

Norwegian House




Built in 24th scale as an exact copy, both externally and internally, of a rather unique-looking house in Stafford. 

The internal details, looking in from the back of the house

The upper floor is built into the loft space and comprises an intricate collection of small rooms all with sloping ceilings

Cedarwood is a white featherboard construction with distinctive black woodwork.


One special feature is the lantern roof rising up between the front and rear dormers.



White Hill Cottage


White Hill Cottage is on the south coast near Bexhill-on-Sea.  Built in the 1920s it is bungalow with an upstairs floor built into the roof space.  The mock black timbering was put in place by the original owner. 

The commission was undertaken at the request of the owner as a wedding anniversary present for his wife.  The model is in 24th scale and lights were provided in the downstairs rooms.

Front of cottage

Rear of cottage

The cottage has evolved over many years as each successive owner has made his mark upon the design.  Unusually, the cottage now has two front doors but no back door.


The miniature model built to be displayed inside the 24th scale model...

For those who want something
unique & special for generations to come

Whether it’s a custom-built copy of your house, a fantasy creation, or an historic building, we are happy to quote for bespoke houses and special commissions

All scales considered

Accuracy is obviously of key importance with such specialised projects and we will work closely with you as we develop the plans to make sure you get a building as close to the real thing as possible



 Click on any of the images below to view some examples of our work and, where possible, photos of the original buildings they copy...



Cleveland House, Waterville, New York


Built in 24th scale, this was a big house to build.  There are a total of 13 rooms from front to back.  The challenge was to make all the rooms accessible.

Access was achieved by building an inner frame that enabled the front and both side walls to be removed.  In a departure from the norm, it was decided to leave the roof fixed in place to support the framework below.

The verandah on the back wall


The front panel removed to reveal the rooms at the front of the house

Both sides removed to reveal the rooms in the centre of the house and also those at the back.



Richard III’s Castle


A 24th scale commission to build a small but suitably fortified home for a specially made model of Richard III.

Richard’s personal emblem of a wild boar appears above the door.

The spiral stairs as seen from the removable right wall.

The battlements

Inside the castle showing the dias, pillars and fireplace in the Great Hall, and a smaller fireplace in the private chamber above.

Built for a client who enjoys holidays at this home of her husband’s cousin near New York.  The house was completed in 1829 by W. Cleveland, a local physician.  The house is noted for still possessing its original handmade door locks, hinges and nails.  It is three storeys, brick-built, has a tarred iron roof and wide floorboards built from local timbers.  Hot air shafts run up through the house from the basement where there was originally a coal-fired boiler, now replaced by gas.  Apparently, the cat loves sleeping over the hot air vents.


The house in the snow in  1885




Wildwood is the client’s former home in Canada.  The project was greatly assisted by the client’s husband being able to provide accurate drawings of the house. 

In many ways, a similar build to the abovementioned Cedarwood, this house was also a single storey building with upper rooms built into the loft.  The same design approach was followed in the case of both buildings, namely, a lift off roof and upper floor to access the interior but with all walls fixed. 

The large verandah on the side of the house.

The front of the house. 

The upper floor, also showing the voids under the eaves.

The ground floor

“Thank you so much for building my house. It is wonderful and has been greatly admired... You are so clever with the plans and carrying out the work”