True to life & built to look good from all angles
- just like the real thing!

What's Included?

24th scale dolls house

The special features that make our fully fitted houses
distinctive and value for money...*(see note)

As beautiful on the inside as the outside
Fitted interiors are standard with all our dolls houses fittedinterior
ypically, our fitted interiors include the following features -

  • working internal doors
  • partition walls (panelled or wattle and daub)
  • removable floorboards
  • flagstone floors
  • stairs, e.g. wooden dogleg, stone spiral
  • ceiling beams and roof beams (where appropriate)
  • fireplaces and/or inglenooks
  • chimneybreasts and firehoods

Fitted interior of Crosthwaite Cottage in 1750

In other words, just what you’d expect in a real period house!


Built in the round to look good from all angles
Features on all sides mean our dolls houses are realistic.  We don’t believe in bare, unsightly backs.  Our buildings are designed to look as good from behind as they do from the front. Back of St. Kentigern'sBack of Wetherlam Row


  The rear of St. Kentigerns’



        The back yards of Wetherlam Row

If required, we can provide your cottage with a turntable to make the most of this feature.


Easy access
Removable floors, stairs, etc
. mean that your dolls house is easy to access for decorating, lighting and furnishing.  When you’ve done, just slot everything back into place!

Removable parts of Wetherlam CottagesThe removable parts of Wetherlam Cottages


Easy to light
Prepared for lighting
- all our dolls houses are provided with cavity walls where needed, ready for you to lay in place the wires from your lights.  Also, conductive tape is fitted behind false walls, and transformer points are positioned upon the perimeter of the base.  Needless to say, everything is hidden from view.  If you wish, we will put the lights and fires in for you.  Just ask!

hidden conductive tape   Hidden wiring board



A piece of history
Lakeland cottageHistorical accuracy is important to us. 
Your dolls house will be a true to life version of a Lake District property.  We research our subject and then design with care to enable us to combine the necessary flexibility of a dolls house with the authenticity of a scale model.  



Personalised history
A ‘deed of conveyance’ is provided when you buy a 24th scale cottage, stating the propertydeeds
has been transferred to you. 



Please note:  deeds are only supplied with 24th scale cottages and not our other buildings or those from the Sawrey & Beyond range.




10% discount
10% discount on your first order of furniture comes with most dolls houses you buy from us.  This enables you to begin furnishing your new house at a bargain price!

1:24th furnitureExamples of our period furniture in a Crosthwaite Cottage


In addition, the following enhancements are also available...

Bring light into your dolls house
We can fit lights and fireplaces into your dolls house for you. 

Make your dolls house truly unique
Change or add features to your chosen dolls house.
  This might be a different type of fireplace, a particular shade of paint on the walls or a panelled partition instead of wattle and daub.  Whatever it is you want, we will try to accommodate your choice of features while maintaining the authenticity of the building.

Commission your own building
Want something completely different?
  Provide us with the details and we can quote for a totally unique building.  For examples of work we have been asked to carry out, visit our Commissions page.
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* Please note, the features on this page are applicable to our fully fitted range (inc. Sawrey & Beyond) only.  They are NOT included with our Starter Homes range.