grain bin

Grain Bin
Variously called an ark, kist, or hutch, these very large chests were used to store grain, either in the house or in the barn.  The arched lid could be upturned to use as a kneading trough.  The components were fixed together with pegs, which could be removed to take the bin apart for cleaning.
1/24th - 15

farm cart

Farm Cart
Late 19th cent. (Victorian).  A single horse farm cart, used all over the British Isles with many local variations.
1/24th - 35


Farm Tools (set 1)
Flail - one of the oldest agricultural tools.  Used for threshing grain and still in use up to the 1930s in some parts of Cumbria.
Rake - used for gathering in the hay once cut and for general maintenance around the farmyard.
Pitchfork - used principally for pitching the cut hay in and out of the cart and turning it in the barn to dry.
1/24th - 12.00 the set.


19th cent. (Victorian). 
The wheelbarrow was first used in China by their army to carry goods and injured soldiers and was a closely guarded secret.  Known to be used in ancient Greece and Rome for construction work, the wheelbarrow was first mentioned in Europe as late as 1212 A.D.  This wheelbarrow is based upon a 19th century design.
1/24th - 16
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Water Pump & Trough
1/24th - 16

Sundial on Pedestal
1/24th - 15

sundial pedestal

Farm Tools (set 2)
Sickle - a short-handled tool used for cutting corn, etc.
Scythe - a large tool used with both hands for cutting grass or reaping crops.
Billhook - a small tool used for cutting small woody material, such as hedges and tree branches.
The phrase to do something by ‘hook or by crook’ goes back to medieval times.  Tenants of the Lord of the Manor were allowed to collect firewood from the trees but only as much as could be collected with a billhook or a shepherd’s crook.
1/24th - 12 the set


Chicken Coop
To protect the chickens at night and provide them with an egg box in which to lay (the projection on the left).  With lift off roof and sliding door.
1/24th - 30