Ginger & Pickles Shop - 48th scale

The Lay out -
The complete lay out comprises the main house with shop beyond a bow window, and a kitchen annex at back -
  -  shop fitted with counter, shelves and storage balcony
  -  adjoining parlour
  -  kitchen at rear
  -  1 upstairs bedroom
Dimensions, inc. base -
48th scale - W 25 cm, D 19 cm, H 17 cm.

        Price - 295

        Lighting - see below.


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Inside showing shop counter and shelves

Accessibility -
Access to interior is via a removable front wall and front roof panel.  The roof of the kitchen
annex is also removable.

Lighting -
A lighting and fire pack can be fitted if required.
All lights and fires will illuminate using our hidden 3v battery system.
The pack includes -
2 x candle wall lights
1 x Georgian hob grate
1 x large open range
Wiring fee & power pack

Price - 71

The number and type of lights/fires can be varied upon request.


From The Tale of Ginger And Pickles

Ginger and Pickles ran the local shop.  Unfortunately, they had no business sense and the enterprise failed.  The illustrations within The Tale of Ginger And Pickles were based upon a house not far from the Tower Bank Arms..


Showing inside the kitchen annex with hearth for range.  Also showing the outhouse with concealed battery.

This is our model of Ginger & Pickles’ shop brought to life by Lesley Hubert who has made this incredibly detailed recreation.