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Postage and Packing

1 kit = 2

2 or more kits = 4



Candle Wall Light (x2) kit
15th cent. (Tudor) onwards.  A candle on a wooden bracket shelf.

Each kit contains two candle wall lights.

1/48th - 8


Dog Grate with Surround kit
17th cent. (Stuart) onwards.  A free-standing fire basket with a fixed back and fire dogs, for ornament only, attached to the front.

1/48th - 5.50


Bedroom Fire with Surround kit
18th cent. (Georgian).
A simple coal fire found in many bedrooms from the beginning of the 19th century.  It would probably only have been used when someone was ill and had to remain in bed for a period of time.

1/48th - 5.50


Basket Grate kit
17th cent. (Stuart) onwards.  Fires using wood and peat could be lit directly on the hearthstone but when coal was used it needed to be contained in a basket and raised to allow a draught below it.  Meat could be cooked on the spit in front of the fire.

1/48th - 5

Please note all lights and fires contain an LED that will need to be powered with a 3v (CR2032) coin cell battery (not supplied with kit).