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Wall Clock (non-working)
Mid 19th cent. onwards.  A very popular clock that was hung from the wall and largely replaced the more expensive grandfather clock. They had 30-hour or 8-day movements and were weight driven. Most of them were exported from the New England states of America where they were one of the first examples of American mass production. 
1/24th - 15


Wooden Trenchers (set of 4)
15th cent. (Tudor).  A square piece of wood with a circular hollow carved into the centre to hold the food.  Some had a small hollow in one corner to hold a small amount of salt.  This may be from where we get the phrase ‘to eat a square meal’.


Spinning Wheel and Spinning Chair
19th cent. onwards.  Most farms spun their own wool and so owned a spinning wheel.  Originally, the wheel was hand-turned but later it had a treadle fitted to enable both hands to be used to wind and twist the wool.  The spinning chair was designed to be very low with a high back and three legs.
1/24th - 30

Ash Box (with ashes)
16th cent. (Tudor).  Based on one found in the wreckage of the Mary Rose.  Used for carrying hot ashes from the fire.
1/24th - 5

ash box

Black Kettle
Commonly found upon the kitchen range.
1/24th - 4


Bread Board & Rolling Pin
19th cent. (Victorian) onwards.
1/24th - 1.50