Scullery, Washhouse & Dairy

Slate Sink with Bucket
18th cent. (Georgian) onwards.  A very basic sink in which to wash food, etc.  There were no taps; the water was poured into the sink from a bucket.  To empty the sink, the slate plug was removed and the water emptied into the bucket underneath.  PLEASE NOTE: available now with red brick pillars only.
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Hanging Airer or Kitchen Maid
19th cent. (Victorian) onwards.  An overhead clothes airer with a rope and pulley system to raise and lower the rack.  Often used in front of the range to help dry the clothes.
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shoulder yoke

Shoulder Yoke with 2 Milk Pails
After the cows had been milked the milk pails were carried back to the buttery with the aid of a shoulder yoke, shaped to fit around the neck and sit on the shoulders.  Chains hang from the tapered ends on which to hang the pails. Probably derived from the word pale meaning a flat strip of wood, the pail was made up of wooden strips bound together with iron hoops, like a barrel.
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Barrel Butter Churn
Late 18th cent.  The barrel was revolved continuously by turning the handle at the side.
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Butter Pats
Used for shaping butter
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