Tom Kitten’s House - 48th scale

The Lay out -
A very complex layout that comprises two houses:
the main farmhouse and a side annexe -

Farmhouse -
  -  farmhouse kitchen
  -  parlour
  -  scullery/kitchen
  -  buttery/dairy
  -  hall with dog leg staircase
  -  3 upstairs bedrooms.
Annexe -
  -  farmhouse kitchen
  -  two bedrooms
  -  stairs.
Dimensions, inc. base -
48th scale - W 35 cm, D 25 cm, H 20 cm.

Price - 620

Lighting - see below.



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The back of the house.  The back opens to reveal the dog leg staircase and scullery.

Inside the main house showing kitchen, parlour, three bedrooms and loft.

The annexe with its living kitchen and two bedrooms

Accessibility -
The main house can be entered by both removable front and rear walls, as well as a removable roof.  The annexe is also accessible via a removable front wall and roof.

Lighting -
A lighting and fire pack can be fitted if required.
All lights and fires will illuminate using our hidden 3v battery system.
The pack includes -
5 x candle wall lights (downstairs only)
1 x Georgian hob grate
2 x large closed ranges
3 x bedroom fires
Wiring fee & two power packs

Price - 152

Please note that the number of lights in the lighting/fire pack differs to those in the images on this page.  The number and type of lights/fires can be varied upon request.



From The Tale of Tom Kitten

The home of Tom Kitten is a rambling house of many rooms, which makes this a large and complex model.  The loft was also the unofficial home of Samuel Whiskers and his wife Anna Maria.


Wish to be inspired?  Below you can see what a little skill and imagination can create.

This is our model of Tom Kitten’s house brought to life by Lesley Hubert who has made a marvellously detailed recreation of Hill Top.



Inside the back of the house