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Three slate-built cottages, one of which has been converted to a corner shop, that are inspired by the homes of former copper miners in the village of Coniston.  Known locally as the Banks, this area of simple but substantial homes was built upon the steep fellside above the village during the mid to late 19th century. 

Each of the cottages in the model is a one-up, one-down property.  A spiral stone staircase within a paneled enclosure connects the ground and upper floor.  There are fireplaces both downstairs and up.  The ground floor fireplace is designed to take a small range.  To the rear of each property is an extension that contains a wash-house and a separate privy with earth closet.  A small walled and gated yard encloses each property at the rear.


~ a limited edition of 20 ~

Wetherlam Row lit - detail

Wetherlam Row
- 24th scale

Dimensions, inc. base:    W 50 cm, D 45cm, H 35 cm
Total number of rooms:  9 plus 3 privies.
Price: 790

You can have lights and fires fitted into Wetherlam Row. 
This would include 9 candle wall lights, 3 small ranges downstairs, and 3 hob grates upstairs.*
Price:  990

*The number and type of lights/fires can be altered, if wished, and a new price calculated.  The price includes the cost of the lights and fires plus a wiring fee.



Row of three properties

Corner shop at end of row

Fitted interior

Wash houses and privies with back yards

The interior lit with candle lights and fireplaces


Wetherlam Row


A terrace of three slate-built cottages based upon The Banks in Coniston

~ 24th scale ~